There’s more to new look than meets the eye

If looks and appearance are not important at all, then why do people dress the way they do, wear their hair a certain way and check themselves in the mirror each morning? It is surely more than simple vanity.

While looks aren’t everything, they do make an impact on how we feel and even the way we act.

Many people can get a renewed feeling by wearing a new outfit or from simply having a haircut. If that outfit is a new style for the wearer, or the hairstyle is whole new look, there can be a drastic change in the way a person feels about themselves. 

Take a person who almost always wears black and grey colours. Then think of that same person changing their style of clothing and wearing bold colours such as red, orange or bright green. That change must have some effect and more often than not, it can be a quite dramatic one.

The other thing that happens with a change in a person’s appearance is the reaction of others to that change. 

Those who know the person can be amazed, surprised and even shocked by the new look. The assumption is that there is more to the change of style than the mere clothing. There must be something else going on. Such is the dramatic change and the wonder of where it has come from.

Other changes you can make

There are a number of changes you can make to your appearance that can influence how you feel, how you act and how others react to you.

These changes can give you several benefits, including:

  1. Boosting your confidence
  2. Giving you a fresh outlook
  3. Showing a different side of yourself
  4. Raising your energy levels

The changes to your appearance and the benefits they bring can be reinforced by the way other people treat you. The excitement of rejuvenating your appearance can be infectious for those around you. 

It is not dissimilar to a renovation in many respects.

Take the example of a home in a capital city like Perth and the whole house is looking a bit drab, tired and past its best. Having a bathroom that looks out of date, out of style and is the worst offender as far as being past its prime can make the whole home appear worse.  

Now imagine the owners decide to enlist the help of the best bathroom renovations Perth has on offer. 
The bathroom gets reworked, with a few simple changes to the rest of the house and suddenly the whole place looks like it has a new lease of life. 

The same effect can be achieved with changing your style of clothes, the way you wear your hair and even by changing the colour of your eyes. This is where the transforming power of coloured contacts comes into it.

How a small change can have a big impact

It amazing to some that a simple thing like changing your eye colour can make a significant difference to the way a person feels and carries themselves.

This is just one of the reasons that the colour eye contacts Australia is going crazy for are only growing in popularity. 

These days, there are coloured lenses in such a wide variety that the market is crying out for more. You can get everything from blue, brown, hazel, green and grey contacts, as well as Halloween and fancy dress lenses like cat eye contacts

Why have they caught on so strongly? 

It is obvious a simple change to someone’s eye colour makes them feel different. It can bring the same boost of confidence and other effects as much as a completely new hairstyle or overhaul of your wardrobe.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then this is more than window dressing. Using coloured lenses is not unlike the example of undertaking one of those bathroom renovations in Perth. 

The fun of taking on different looks

The other thing that comes with changing your look is that you can have a great deal of fun trying different options. 

While dyeing your hair may seem a dramatic change, it does have the downside that you may need to re-dye it if you don’t like the change. 

With changing your style of clothes, you have the option of possibly returning or exchanging the outfits you have bought or on-selling them as second-hand clothes. This has a considerable expense but there is always the chance of trying on certain items before you buy.

The advantages of coloured lenses are:

  • A minimal outlay
  • An ability to choose different options
  • No permanent change or difficulty in amending your choice
  • A simple process to undertake
  • The chance to be experimental and playful

The fun and excitement that goes with trying different looks can be an invigorating and inspiring exercise. 

As with the example of making a small change in a bathroom – adding indoor plants, replacing the tapware, or repainting the cupboard doors – the effect can be substantial. 

How a look can change the way you feel

With the right change and a well planned one, you can make a change to the way you look that changes the way you feel. 

It doesn’t need to be a drastic change or something that puts you completely out of your comfort zone. As the evidence has shown, small changes can impact your self-esteem and confidence.

Maybe there is a new job you would like to apply for because you feel stale and underappreciated where you are. Rather than taking that somewhat worn and defensive person to the interview, why not have an engaging and re-energised version of yourself apply for the role?

The whole point is that we are not completely reinventing ourselves or deceiving others. With small but clever changes to our appearance that enhance and enliven our real selves, we can open the doors to the life we would truly love to live. 

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