Tips for creating a custom look

Tips for creating a custom look

Finding a unique style starts with a clever plan

We all wish at some stage of our lives that we could have a look that’s all our own. Something that says to the outside world something special about what’s going on inside.

Some of us want to stand out from the crowd to show that we’re not followers and that we’re different. Others want to shake off the whole idea of what the norm is and try and create a look that’s never been seen before.

The truth is that nearly all of us want a look that fits our personality and gives us a boost of confidence. 

The good news is that with the right planning and a set way of achieving that look, we can each find a way to express our individual style.

Other changes you can make

Looking at your own personality and finding a look that suits it can be difficult for some.

This is where taking some time to look at where you are and what you want can really pay off.

There are a number of questions that you can ask yourself, and if you’re open and honest enough, you can make a change to your style that suits you and inspires you.

1) What parts of your personality do you like?

2) What do you want to say about yourself with the new look?

3) What does the way you look now say?

4) What are you frightened of in making this change?

5) What resources do you have to make this change work?

This is when enlisting the help of a trusted friend or two can be invaluable. It helps immensely to be able to have someone else as a sounding board for your ideas and to get honest and trusted feedback.

Why do people feel the need for an individual look

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A sense of self and a sense of style often go hand-in-hand. It is an expression of who we are as a person that leads to a personal style of doing things. 

This can be anything from the way you wear your hair, the clothing you choose, the accessories you add and the way you put the whole thing together. 

These can be elements that are taken directly from the fashion world or given a special twist by the individual.

Two people can wear the exact same outfit, but the chances are that both of them will have their own unique take on how it is worn. It could be something as subtle as rolling up the cuffs or wearing the collar up and as drastic as altering the ensemble with something unusual and unexpected like a contrasting accessory or footwear. 

That individual streak will often shine through and reveal something of the personality of the person and their own choice of style.

Standing out for all the right reasons

It is not unusual or wrong to want to have a particular identity shown by what you wear. This is not limited to the individual either.

This is why certain professions have special workwear, and sports teams have a particular team uniform. One example would be the need for custom basketball jerseys. This uniform would showcase what the team is about and how it is different from the opposition in a specific choice of colour and design.

There is clear evidence, especially in a real game situation, where there has been confusion for the players, the umpires or referees and the supporters because the uniforms have been too similar.

A similar example is in how siblings are dressed. With young children, their clothing can be matching or of a complimentary variation. As the children age and their independence assert itself, the idea of looking exactly or even alike with a sibling is an idea to rebel against.

A person’s individual style will become evident over time. It does not need to be a show of flamboyance to be apparent.

A modern twist to a custom look

With the changes to personal attributes and fashion sense came the advent of changing your eye colour.

Dyeing your hair a different shade to your natural hair colour has been around for over 100 years.

The first synthetic hair dye was invented back in 1907. Forty years later, the first ‘home dye’ was made available to the general public. There are a number of colours, shades and tints that you can get nowadays. 

What hasn’t been possible until the 1970s has been the ability to change your eye colour.

Apart from movie stars, there was no way that you could alter the colour of your eyes until the patent for dyeing soft lenses came into the equation.

Since the 1990s, sales of coloured lenses have seen explosive growth. What was the domain of the film and fashion industries is now available to the public. 

Today, you will find coloured contacts in almost every walk of life and in any country in the world. There are variations of coloured lenses available in faraway places. You can even order the same coloured contact lenses New Zealand customers buy if you are living across the world in Argentina or Morocco.

The variety of coloured contacts is not just limited to natural lenses either.

You can now choose from a range of Halloween contact lenses, such as devilish red contacts or white contacts to cover the whole of your eye. These can be a dramatic change and a real eye-catching device in a party situation.

Making your change of style count

Whether you change the way you wear your hair, undertake a complete makeover of your wardrobe or try a pair of coloured contact lenses, the power to alter your appearance has never been easier or more affordable.

Finding a style that suits you and your personality is the key to a successful change.

It pays to do a little self-discovery. Once you’re sure you know who you are, you can show who you are.

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